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What Happens After the Massage?

Massage is a popular therapy method used to reduce stress and help our muscles relax. But it is also common to feel some effects of the massage hours, and even a day or two after your appointment.

When your RMT asks you how the pressure is feeling, they are trying to gauge two things:

1. Is the pressure comfortable for the client in the moment?

2. Is the pressure okay for right now, but it may feel like too much later?

One of the most common reactions to massage is called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), or “kick back pain”. This pain usually signals that while you did feel comfortable with the pressure used on the table, it was probably too much for your system in the long run. If you experience kick back pain, you should let your RMT know the next time you come in. That way, they can alter the pressure or techniques used, to make sure they get the pressure that is right for you.

Some other common after-effects of massage can include:

  • Feeling thirsty 1-3 hours after the massage

  • Feeling tired and groggy at the end of the day, after your massage

  • Sleeping better or more heavily the night following the massage

  • Emotional release can occur either in the table or after the massage. We tend to carry emotions in our bodies, the most common example of this is holding tension in your shoulders when stressed. During or after a massage, as those tissues are being released, you may experience an influx of that emotion, or of relief. This has been known to show up as a seemingly random burst of emotion (positive or negative).

  • Soreness for 1-2 days. This soreness should feel a bit like a bruise (you can still move without pain, but poking hurts a bit). This is different from kick back pain, which feels very sore to move and to touch

If you experience any of these effects after your massage, please talk to your RMT about them, and they can give you some advice to help alleviate them.

Massage is a great way to give our bodies the rest and care that they need, but we also need to look after ourselves after a massage!

Book in today to treat yourself to a well deserved Massage.

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