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Points of Culture

At Eminent Wellness we believe that it is important for all our staff to have the same core beliefs about how we treat, why we treat, and why we choose to work together. We want everyone to understand that our patients are the most important reason for us to do what we do. But we also want all our practitioners to treat each other with these core concepts of understanding and respect.

Respect: I value and respect my patients’, my colleagues’, and my own time, experience, knowledge, culture, opinions, qualities, achievements, etc. I understand that respect must be omnipresent, regardless of the situation.


Integrity & Trust: I will maintain the highest form of integrity and be forthcoming in my proceedings, intentions, and realistic expectations in order to cultivate trust between professionals and practitioner-patient relationships.


Commitment: I am committed to providing the best quality care to my patients. I am committed to going the extra mile to provide such care, and maintain the high standards valued at Eminent Wellness. I understand that for most, commitment is valued at 0 or 100. Therefore, I will strive for my commitment level to be at 100.

Excellence: I will hold myself to the highest standard of excellence in all aspects and will continue to raise the standards.


Communication: I will appropriately communicate my diagnoses, reasonings for treatment, my intentions, my expectations, and my limitations. I will communicate to my team members as needed in order to have cohesive management, treatments, goals, and to discuss the possibilities of a variety of care and referrals.


Team Unity & Collaboration: I will draw upon the synergistic power of my teammates to provide the best health care possible and discuss alternatives options. I will get to know the team, their specialties, strengths and affinities in order to refer appropriately within the team. I understand that collaboration is important in providing the highest standard of care., and that help is often needed to achieve that standard.


Consistency: I will remain consistent with my work ethic, my quality of care, my time management, and my integrity within the clinic, team, life, and with patients.


Compassion: I understand that compassion is the epitome of care. I will, therefore, emanate compassion in all aspects of life to further understand the individuality of each case, whether that be colleague, patients, or our surrounding businesses and community.


Community: I will foster appropriate relationships with my teammates and patients in order to build a community of like-minded people. I will be involved in our community of business, professionals, and individuals. I will strive to give back to my community and help to improve it.


Knowledge & Education: I will strive to keep expanding my knowledge and continue to further my education to provide the best possible care to my patients. I will also share this knowledge with my colleagues and patients to help build understanding, cohesiveness, trust, and confidence to all involved. I will use the best evidence available to treat my patients and continue to grow in my field of practice.


Progression: I will strive for progress as I understand that there is no such thing as perfection. Progression in goals, quality of care, techniques, communication skills, and fostering relationships must always continue in order to provide superior service.


Distinctiveness & Individuality: I understand that individuals must be treated as such. I seek to understand their differences, uniqueness, and I will respect them and their uniqueness. I will provide individualized care and service in order to cater to the specific needs of that individual.


Changing the Status Quo: I understand that the standard in the health care system is not enough. I strive to provide superior care than the current standard and strive to change the status quo. I will not only continue to improve the care that I am able to provide, but aim to improve the health care system as a whole.

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