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About Eminent Wellness

We are not only committed to improving your pain levels, everyone at Eminent Wellness is on the journey with you to improve your entire life. We understand that it is important to find symptom relief, however, we are determined to find the root of the issue and give our patients the right set of tools, so they can help themselves outside of the clinical setting. We believe that knowledge is power, and therefore, educating patients on their recovery is essential and of the utmost importance to us.


If we do not feel we can help you, we are not afraid to refer you to someone who can, or to give an alternate option. Our goal is to help you, regardless if we are providing you with the treatment that gets you to your goals.

Downtown Calgary

Our Mission

Toppling the current Canadian Health Care Model through education and providing superior, holistic, and accessible health care to all.


At Eminent Wellness, we believe that fifteen minutes to discuss all of your concerns, perform a physical examination, provide a diagnosis and treatment is simply not enough. Yet, that has become the standard of our health care system.


It takes far more time to receive a full comprehensive history, perform a thorough physical examination, and develop not only a treatment plan, but the RIGHT treatment plan for YOU. 


Eminent Wellness strives to help those with chronic illness and injuries, especially those who have fallen through the cracks of the medical system and have yet to find answers or relief. With a holistic and systemic approach to health care, our team of diverse and well-rounded health professionals will provide an alternative approach to reach your health goals. Our team will uphold our 13 Points of Culture to ensure we are holding ourselves and our services to the highest standards. We understand that different approaches are often needed for each individual. At Eminent Wellness, it is of the utmost importance to take an individualistic approach to health and come up with a solution and treatment plan that works for you.


Our goal, at Eminent Wellness, is to provide the answers to your questions, the reasons for your ailments, and a plan to not only provide you with relief, but the tools and knowledge to fix the problem of origin, ultimately giving you a higher quality of life. Our team of professionals is dedicated to giving you the time you deserve, listening to your concerns, and communicating our process and the realistic expectations that accompany your care.

This is not only Our Mission and Our Vision, it is Our Promise to you.

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