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Kailey Smith, CAT (C)

Born in a small town in Nova Scotia, Kailey grew up in Ottawa, ON where her parents put her in multiple recreation sports. At the age of six, Kailey found her love for rhythmic gymnastics. She continued to practice, and compete in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics, at various levels - from club level to international. 


In 2010, Kailey was placed on Team Canada to go to the World Gymnaestrada in Switzerland, however, eight months before leaving, she sustained a major injury to her ankle which left her unable to walk without crutches, let alone practice for the big event. With help from various sport physiotherapists and athletic therapists, Kailey was able to regain enough mobility and strength to compete in Switzerland. From that point on, Kailey knew she wanted to help others achieve their goals and passions. 


Kailey completed her Bachelor of Kinesiology degree at Acadia University in Nova Scotia in 2019. She then progressed in her education to pursue and complete an Advanced Athletic Therapy Certification from Mount Royal University in Calgary in 2022. Graduating from her program at MRU, Kailey challenged the National Certification Examinations and passed right away. Kailey is looking forward to beginning her journey in helping others get back to doing what they love!

Kailey loves tackling these conditions:

  • Chronic back pain

  • Knee injuries (including post surgical recovery)

  • Neck pain and whiplash

  • Acute sports injuries

  • Ankle injuries

  • ACL conditions

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