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Dr. Stephanie shaw's story

At the age of 16, Dr. Shaw fell down a flight of stairs, resulting in severe low back pain.  Medical doctors gave her pain medication, but could not provide her with any relief.  After a full month of pain and difficulty walking, she finally sought chiropractic care, which changed her life.


Since then, it has been a regular part of her life and helped her through multiple injuries.  Chiropractic soon became her passion and her career path.

In her lifetime, Dr. Shaw has suffered from a cervical compression fracture, moderate degeneration of her cervical spine, chronic headaches and migraines, referred pain, numbness and tingling, lumbar instability, rotator cuff impingement and bursitis, a wrist fracture and a fibular fracture.


With Dr. Shaw's great understanding of pain, the steps needed for recovery, as well as Dr. Shaw's strong belief of rehabilitation after care, in order to not only prevent further injury, but to also provide a better quality of life.


Doctor of Chiropractic (Graduated form CMCC)


Contemporary medical Acupuncture (McMaster’s University)


SHIFT  Concussion Management


Active Release Technique (Full Body Certification)


Graston Technique

Lyndsay graduated from Mount Royal university in 2015 having successfully completed her 2200 hour massage therapy program.  She has been a practicing massage therapist since November of 2014.


Over the years Lyndsay has taken additional education, specializing in Myofascial Cupping and Temporal MandibularJoint (TMJ) dysfunction.  She also has a lot of experience with pre and post natal patients.  She uses many techniques such as deep tissue, trigger point release, fascial release, and relaxation to treat an array of conditions.  Lyndsay wants you to feel your best at all times, whether you're hiking the great outdoors or playing with your kids.  She is passionate about each patient feeling good, as well as getting better, and staying better.


When Lyndsay is not working in the clinic she enjoys staying active with rock climbing, aerial yoga, lifting weights, and spinning. She loves to travel and experience new cultures, food and people.


She is looking forward to helping you reach your treatment goals.



Lyndsay Rolfsen: Massage Therapist

Haley graduated from Mount Royal University in 2017 completing her 2200 hour massage therapy diploma.  She developped an interest in rahabilitative medicine through her own experience with sports-related injuries.  She enjoys working with a wide range of populations to help regain and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. Her goal is to improve quality of life so you can feel your best and return to doing the things you love.


  Haley loves to incorporate a variety of techniques including relaxation, myofascial release, trigger        point therapy, deep tissue, hydrotherapy, and stretching techniques; in addition to being certified          advanced orthotpeic massage therapist.


  In her spare time, Haley enjoys road running, trail runnig, hiking, skiing, yoga and going to the gym

 Haley Finlay:  Massage Therapist


Dr. Amanda Gillette studied Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Calgary, and graduated with a diploma in Acupuncture and a Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She is a Registered Acupuncturist who is passionateabout her work. 


She was introduced to Acupunture when whe was pregnant with her daughter and then again when she sought relief from carpal tunnel pain and IBS symptoms.  It was a life changing experience for her that she made the decision to become an Acupuncturist so that she could help other experience this amazing modality.


Mandie loves to particularily treat emotional ailments such as anxiety and depression, digestive issues and shoulder pain.


She says that the best part of her job is when patients make comments such as "I wish I could bottle this feeling!"




Dr. Mandie Gillette: Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor

With a life journey that’s taken her a world away on mission trips, to attaining a social work degree and holding a variety of positions in human care; Pam is a person who likes the behind-the-scenes roles as a supportive cheerleader so she can see others flourish. She cultivates relationships with an uncommon authenticity.  Her caring nature allows her to connect with clients and team members in the clinic with a warmth that leaves each person feeling like they have been heard. Family matters most to Pam.  She recharges her spirit with laughs, making memories and outdoor play time with those she loves, including her 2 year old nephew and her 4 legged girl, Izzy.


Pam has joined our team as the office manager.  She insures that the clinic runs smoothly and that everyone is happy.  She brings organization, professionalism, and efficiency to the team.  She is the glue that holds our growing family together.


Pam Juke: office manager


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Meet The Eminent Wellness Team
Meet The Eminent Wellness Team
Meet The Eminent Wellness Team
Meet The Eminent Wellness Team
Meet The Eminent Wellness Team
Meet The Eminent Wellness Team
Meet The Eminent Wellness Team
Meet The Eminent Wellness Team
Meet The Eminent Wellness Team